What stuck in our minds are three things...

Een interview met PETDuo

On saturday February 25, Anne Pet & Mike Drama celebrate their birthday in Poema RAW at MTR & Cause Records Presents: Carnival Carnage . This will already  be the sixth time that Anne and David (the two masters behind PETDuo) will perform in our club. Time to know all the details.

I would like to bring you back to the beginning of PETDuo. How did PETDuo become such an important part of your life?

We started to play at home as a hobby and eventually we had some small parties at our home with our friends. Until that a friend of ours, back in 1997, was at one of our home parties and told us we were playing quite good and should do it in public. Coincidentally, he was also a promoter of one of the first open air raves in Brazil, back at that time, so, he promptly invited us to play at his next event. After this first gig, people started to book us for the locals clubs and parties. It was only in the year 2000 that we had actually to decide to focus only on Djing, because we had many residencies and were playing at all major events back in Brazil. Since then we never have looked back and here we are nowadays!

You both share an enormous passion for dance and music; this passion is so bright that you got married inside a club. Could you tell me more about this?

In fact , our relationship and love came first than the music. It's true that at the time we've met , we already shared the love of music, but music was not our focus or goal in life at that moment. We met in a club and , yes, we got married at the same club, one year later. We believe that music brought together and throughout our lives and experiences we found out that we have a common mission: bring good music and fun to all the poeple who come to listen to us.

How did you come up with the name “PETDuo”?

When that friend asked us to play for the first time ever, at his open air rave, he also told us that would not be wise to use just “ Ana&David” as DJ names, since this is a traditional way Brasilian folk singers duo presents themselves in our country. There are plenty of duos in this typical using just their first names as their artists names and we sure did not want to be associated with this music. So , we took some time and tried to come with a short but, catchy name which also had something related with us. Since we are 2 Djs, hence Duo, and PET because we love pets and all animals in general. Then you have PETDuo!

The sound you both offer to the visitor is unique compared to other artists. This particular sound brings a certain vibe with it. Why did you decide on this sound?

It's better to say that the sound decided for us because, well, we did not decided on it, it's the way we are! It is true that we have a bit different music background from each other, in terms of first influences, saying David came of a EBM/Industrial realm and Anne had a METAL/PUNK influence, but we are always more fascinated and attracted to powerful, aggressive and twisted sounds. Also, we are avid music lovers, we need and must listen to lots of music every week, to what we already love and also find new artists and music around, not only in electronic music but within different genres than what we are used to hear or play. For our DJ sets , we make lots of research, and people who know us a bit better, know that we love to practice and play at home. All together, this have a big impact on the way we present our sound to the public, giving us confidence to push ourselves and the listeners minds to new limits.

A lot of different things are happening for you and you are making giant steps within the music industry. According to you, what is the biggest thing that has happened in your life so far?

We are very grateful for all the good that our dedication and love to the music has provided us. We could make a long list here telling about it, but if we have to think about one major aspect of it all, for sure it's the opportunity that we had to express our music more globally. People from all around the world can listen to what we do and , most of all, can relate with it. This was something we never had imagined when we started back in 1997.

In the last 12 years you have had 5 gigs at Poema RAW and now number 6 is on its way! I would like you to look back at past gigs in Poema RAW and tell me what has stuck with you the most about this place and how do you view Poema RAW?

What stuck in our minds are three things: great underground location, where we need to go down the street level to be at the club;  amazing sound system and , of course, an amazing crowd that is always ready and asking for more of our sonic bombs.